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Citizens Climate Lobby: Carbon Fee and Dividend

June 27, 2016


Tonight, Global Warming Solutions Group will be hosting a speaker from Citizens Climate Lobby at Lakeview Library in Peoria at 6:00 p.m.  Please join us if you can!  This meeting is open to the public!

Our speaker is Mr. Rick Knight.  Mr.  Knight is an engineering chemist just finishing a 40-year career in energy research. His interest in climate change was heightened by reading Dr. Jim Hansen’s book Storms of My Grandchildren, leading him to join Citizens’ Climate Lobby in 2011. In his volunteer work for CCL, Rick currently leads a chapter in southwest Chicagoland and also serves as a state coordinator for Illinois. Rick is passionate about getting the message about climate change and CCL’s legislative solution out to the public and community leaders.

In this talk, Rick will explain who and what Citizens’ Climate Lobby is and how their unique strategy of citizen engagement works. He will also explain the Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal that is central to CCL’s efforts to build political will in the U.S. Congress for effective national climate policy. Finally, Rick will talk about CCL’s drive to establish chapters in every U.S. Congressional District. 

He will also have Mr. David Holmquist with him.

You can learn more about Citizens Climate Lobby on Facebook at facebook OR at Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Political Will for a Livable World


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