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Answers to Your Questions on Community Choice Energy Aggregation

June 23, 2012

Many people have been posting questions about Community Choice Aggregation since little to no information has made its way into main stream media.  Here are some resources that might answer your questions.  This is the website for the company that served as the consultant for the Central and Southern Illinois buying block and will be managing the program for the next two years, which is the length of the contract.  This website has an entire page dedicated to Municipal Energy Aggregation programs.  Lots of FAQ’s are posted there.  The Community Word newspaper has published/posted some good articles describing the aggregation program.  This will take you to the City of Peoria press release stating the contract was signed for 100% renewable energy.

Other communities might not have signed with the same energy supplier, Homefield Energy.  Take for instance, parts of Marshall County and the city of Toulca are ComEd customers.  They chose Constellation as their energy supplier.  They will still receive 100% renewable energy but it will be hydroelectric rather than wind, which is what the City of Peoria and Peoria County chose.  More information of Marshall County is available here:

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