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National Move to Amend spokesman to appear locally

August 9, 2011


 Peoria, IL

August 9th, 2011


David Cobb, national spokesperson for the Move to Amend organization, will speak in Peoria Heights at Forest Park Nature Center, 5809 Forest Park Drive on Sunday, August 21st from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. His topic will be “Creating Democracy and Challenging Corporate Rule”.

The US Supreme Court decision of January, 2010, Citizens United versus the Federal Election Commission, gave virtually unlimited power for corporate financing in all governmental elections. Cobb, an attorney and organizer for the Move to Amend coalition, will first provide historical background then offer a proposal to abolish the concept of ‘corporate personhood’ and re-establish a government of, by and for the people.

Corporate Personhood commonly refers to court-created precedent that gives corporations constitutional rights intended soley for human beings. Although the Founding Fathers never intended to give away the rights of its citizens to big business, beginning in 1886 the US Supreme Court did exactly that. Their January, 2010 ruling confirmed and extended 14th Amendment protections to all corporations, providing them legal justification to inject AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY CHOOSE into local, state and Federal elections.

Move to Amend is a national coalition dedicated to reversing this ruling by establishing a constitutional amendment that gives corporations privileges, not rights. By reducing corporate influence in government, the citizens of the United States will have increased influence on politicians, and big business will have much less. Their website is

David Cobb is on a state wide tour en route to an August 24 – 28 Pro-Democracy rally in Madison, Wisconsin. That website is Cobb will be Alton on August 20, Peoria August 21, Champaign on August 22, and Chicago August 23, speaking to interested groups.



The Peoria tour is sponsored by the Heart of Illinois Sierra Club, whose members understand that environmental decisions are unfairly subjected to corporate influence at all levels of government. The value of America’s rich natural resources belong to the citizens who should make the tough decisions about how their allocation, not by big business. Their website is

For more information please call David Pittman, 2422 West Moss Avenue, West Peoria. 309-676-5237,

Contact for interviews: David Cobb at 707-362-0333,


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View this document on Scribd

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