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One Local Household’s Trash Challenge

June 14, 2010

Reducing the amount of trash that is put in a landfill is a noble challenge, but just how easy is it to make a difference?  How much can you reduce by making smarter buying decisions?  What do you have left once you have exhausted all of the options your local recycling program has to offer for paper, plastic, glass, and metal?  Once you have a functional composting system in place, how much food waste do you have left?

One central Illinois couple (and their dogs) have taken on this challenge to answer some of these questions through a visual presentation of one week of trash.  Check out the link below to see pictures of Rick and Tracy’s results.  We’d like to hear more stories and tips of how you are attempting to reduce your input into the local landfill.  Add a comment to share here on the web site to share your story!

Central Illinois Trash Challenge

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