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Transitioning to Peoria’s New Curbside Recycling Program

January 14, 2010

Where do I find information about the program?

PDC has put together information for Peoria on their web site.  WTVP has also produced an informational video on the details of the new curbside recycling program for the City of Peoria.  H Wayne Wilson interviews PDC Vice President Matt Coulter and Municipal Sales Manager Joe Roberts as they demonstrate how the recycle bin is used and what items can be recycled.  Through the program, PDC expects to save 35,000 gallons of diesel fuel and lessen their carbon footprint.  The video and other general information are available to view through PDC’s web site at the following link:

An informational fact sheet was published in the Peoria Journal Star that spells out details of the program and lists specific items that are accepted.  You may download, view, and print a copy from the PDC web site at the following link:

Recycling Services – 4 Page Insert

What happens to my recyclables until April?

While PDC has taken over trash pickup services already, the curbside recycling program rolls out beginning April 2nd.  In the meantime, Waste Management has agreed to continue their curbside pickup for those who were already subscribed to the service.  You may also continue to use the recycling drop off locations maintained by Peoria County throughout the city.  Visit the Peoria County Recycling web site here:

I subscribed to the Waste Management curbside program.  Am I automatically enrolled in the PDC program?

No.  You must opt-in to the new program through PDC by phone at 309-674-5176 or through their web site at

What happens if I have more recyclables that will fit in my bin?  Can I get another one?

Recycle Bin Used by Waste Management

Recycle Bin Used by Waste Management

Generally speaking, you may want to consider acquiring a second bin.  Each bin requires a the $50 refundable deposit, but there service remains free.  As a temporary solution, you may place overflow in a recycle bin such as the tubs used during the Waste Management program.

Where are the recyclables taken once you have picked them up?

Recyclables picked up through the curbside program are taken to Midwest Fiber and are eventually transported to Chicago for processing.  Currently, there are no plants in the area that can process residential recycling.

I have heard that prescription medications should never be flushed down the toilet or thrown in the trash.  What do I do with medications that are expired or simply no longer needed?

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency provides a fact sheet with details about this complex issue at their web site here.  In short, they encourage you to take them to a local program or save your prescriptions until the next one-day Hazardous Waste Event for the area.

PDC doesn’t accept hazardous waste items such as motor oil, batteries, and chemical cleaners.  What do I do with these items?

The best advice is to wait for another Illinois EPA sponsored Hazardous Waste Event to come to central Illinois.  When a date is announced, dDetails will be available through the Peoria County web site and here at the Global Warming Solutions Group web site.

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