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What About Recycling for Apartments in Peoria?

July 18, 2009

Got a good question today and wanted to answer it for everyone.

Question: What about apartments ?

So far, they have not been considered – which is why we need a common drop-off point and not have to pay for it – we already pay for garbage.

Peoria Heights doesn’t pay to recycle, so I’m seriously considering moving there.

Answer: A lot of residents live in apartments so it is also very important to have easy recycling access for them too, however they aren’t covered under the residential waste hauling contract for the city of Peoria. Since it’s the residential contract that is expiring, that is what we are focusing on right now: getting “free” curbside pickup for all Peoria households.

The Peoria Heights program is great (props to Peoria Heights!), however they don’t do apartments either at this point. They do have over 50% of their residents participating so far (residents have to call to request recycling service even though it’s “free”) which shows that recycling is something that many people want to do curbside.

The issue with apartments is that the city will have to pass an ordinance requiring apartment buildings to offer on site recycling for their residents. Which will be much easier to achieve once they see the households embrace recycling.

As for the current drop off locations in Peoria, those are paid for by the County and will not be affected by what the City of Peoria does.

So if you like the Peoria Heights model of “free” curbside recycling, CONTACT MAYOR ARDIS AND CITY COUNCIL! They will do what they think Peoria residents want, so they need to hear you want recycling! You can also tell them you want apartment buildings to offer recycling too.

Contact form to email City Council

Contact info for Mayor Ardis

Contact info for each Council Person

Simply let them know that recycling is important to you and you want to see a universal curbside recycling program in Peoria. If you support pay-as-you-throw garbage service (of any sort) vs the city giving everyone unlimited landfill waste pick up, let them know that too. If you aren’t in favor of it yet, let us know why so we can address your concerns and find a solution that works for everyone.

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