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It’s Time to Compost

July 12, 2009

As we talk about pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) garbage programs, one important way to reduce landfill waste (and how much you pay), reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills, put vital nutrients back into the soil (instead of  losing them forever in a landfill) and create a free fertilizer for your lawn or garden is composting. Here is some timely  information from the Ecology Action Center (Normal, Illinois)  email:

Backyard composting is the easiest way to reduce smelly garbage from your home and create rich soil nutrients to feed your garden at the same time.

The Ecology Action Center will host a build-it-yourself workshop that includes everything you need to know to successfully compost your kitchen waste. We will discuss the various types of compost systems and techniques in addition to troubleshooting tips to help you avoid potential problems. Also a discussion on vermicomposting will be offered. At the workshop, you will build your own composter to take home and put to work.

Register to build your own backyard enclosed composter at one of 3 workshops offered by the Ecology Action Center in July:

Thursday, July 16 5:30 pm
Saturday, July 18 10:00 am
Saturday, July 18 1:00 pm

Participants will make and take home an enclosed composter ready for use.

$12 / EAC members
$15 / non-members

Workshop space is limited and registration ahead of time is required; registration forms are available for download at or by stopping by the Ecology Action Center at 202 West College in Normal. For more information, call the Ecology Action Center at 309/454-3169 or email

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