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Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection June 13 in East Peoria

May 28, 2009
Hazardous Waste works empty the cars of residents who attended the event at Expo Gardens in 2008.

Hazardous Waste works empty the cars of residents who attended the event at Expo Gardens in 2008.

Many people now understand that certain materials such as motor oil, paint, or pesticides cannot be added to curbside waste pickup and require special methods for disposal.  Many of these household materials release toxic gases into the air of the home, are a danger to plant and wildlife if they are spilled, and can even enter the water table through runoff.  The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency partners with organizations around the state to host single day collection events.  Last year, a household collection event was held at Exposition Gardens in Peoria.  This year, the Tazewell County Health Department is co-sponsoring a collection day on June 13 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Festival Building on 2200 E Washington St in East Peoria.

The event is free to Illinois residents – not just Tazewell County residents – and will be held rain or shine.

Accepted Materials Materials NOT Accepted:
Oil-based paints LATEX paint
Paint thinner Smoke detectors
Solvents Farm machinery oil
Used motor oil Fire extinguishers
Old gasoline Propane tanks
Antifreeze Business / commercial sector wastes
Herbicides Sharps, needles
Insecticides Agricultural chemicals
Mercury Explosives
Outdated medicines / pharmaceuticals Fireworks
Double bagged and wetted asbestos Institutional wastes
Auto (lead acid) batteries Medicinal wastes
Household batteries
Pool chemicals
Blacktop sealer
Cleaning products
Aerosol paints
Lawn chemicals
Fluorescent lamp bulbs

Bring materials in sturdy cardboard boxes lined with plastic bags.  Keep product in their original containers, securely capped or sealed, with contents clearly labeled.  Do not mix or combine products.

View the flyer from the Tazewell County Health Department here.

Learn more about these event from Illinois Environmental Protection Agency here.

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